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Tips to Use Hijab Clothing To Beach

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In the era of growing Muslim clothing industry increasingly rapidly, the hijab  now no longer difficulty with the limited choice of clothing. Users of hijab can now customize clothing styles for their various activities, such as: everyday clothes, work, leisure, even to go to the beach. Beach clothing identical with short-paced clothing because of the weather in the hot beach area, does not become a barrier for the Moslem  to remain dressed according to his belief.

For those who have a hijab, it is sometimes difficult to determine which clothes to wear when going to the beach. You can be less comfortable because your outfit is too complicated. Well, how the hell deal with the appearance of hijab when going to the beach? Check out the following tips!

1. Wear Comfortable Tops
Wear tops made from comfortable shirts and absorb sweat. Avoid tops made of thick, such as knit fabrics that are very heavy and less appropriate when worn in coastal areas. You can also wear a loose tunic or caftan for your body.

2. Use Jumpsuit
Jumpsuit can be the right choice. Choose a jumpsuit that is loose and comfortable to wear. If your jumpsuit is sleeveless, you can add outside with a cardigan with bright colors.

3. Avoid Heavy Jeans Pants
Avoid jeans, in addition to thick material, if wet will make clothes harder and harder. Can choose harem pants as an alternative. Its long and cotton fabric can make you comfortable moving.

4. Choose a Comfortable Long dress
If you likes a feminine appearance, wear long dress can be one alternative. Choose long dress made from comfortable t-shirt. Avoid chiffon material that is easily blown off. Do not forget to wear leggings before long dress yes, to keep the foot closed even though the dress blowing in the wind.

5. Play with Color
Do not be afraid to wear bright colors. You can wear a cheery flower-patterned cardigan or wear a variety of jumpsuit colors. Make your motifs and colors cheerful on your outfit.

6. Add Funny Accessories
You can also wear trendy sunglasses, combined with a large wicker hat. Choose a slippery sandal with a funny bead of colorful to complement your cherry days on the beach.

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