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The word education is utilised occasionally to signify the activity, method, or enterprise of educating or being educated and often to signify the discipline or field of study taught in schools of education that concerns itself with this activity, approach, or enterprise. The application of general principles of philosophy for the remedy of educational difficulties is called philosophy of education. At the age of 30 there would be an additional choice these who qualified would study dialectics and metaphysics , logic and philosophy for the subsequent 5 years. Philosophy and approaches of teaching: the subsequent principal difficulty is the impact of philosophy on the science of teaching.

In the finish it might be stated that teachers who believe that they can do without having a philosophy of life render their techniques of teaching ineffective. Philosophy of education undertakes the systematic discussion of educational issues on a philosophical level. In the absence of an adequate philosophy of life, the strategy of teaching employed by the teacher might repel the student from the subject.

Philosophy and the Textbook: A text book is an essential implies for the realization of educational aims. Philosophy of education can only determines the objectives of education but also determines the content material of education. The function of philosophy of education cannot be denied in the development of a textbook. No technique of education can grow to be meaningful with no decision of the choice of sources of knowledge.

Rousseau wrote in his book Emile that all young children are perfectly developed organisms, ready to understand from their surroundings so as to grow into virtuous adults, but due to the malign influence of corrupt society, they frequently fail to do so. Rousseau advocated an educational strategy which consisted of removing the child from society—for example, to a country home—and alternately conditioning him through alterations to his atmosphere and setting traps and puzzles for him to resolve or overcome.

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According to the democratic ideology of life, learner is the focus of the method of education whereas teacher is a central figure and spiritual father in the system of education. This is the function of philosophy to establish the status of a teacher in the method of education. Philosophy offers the guiding principles on which the content fer a textbook is chosen and arranged. Nevertheless he was also influenced by the modern philosophy existentialism and instrumentalism.