From national standards research to the debate on Widespread Core, study an important issues facing at the moment’’s teachers, school directors, and parents. The Garrett County Board of Education will maintain a Special Enterprise Session on Monday, February 27, 2017. INDIANAPOLIS – Student Learning, College Enchancment, and Operational Effectiveness spotlight the 2018 Indiana Division of Training Strategic… The political theorist Benjamin Barber warned in 2004 that America as a business society of individual customers may survive the destruction of public schooling.\n\nBy eliminating the property tax, it would benefit heirs of large estates, even when they don’t work a day in their life Meanwhile, by eliminating some tax breaks usually claimed by greater earners, the plan would increase taxes on many higher-center-class households.\n\nThis hyperbole was not invented by Trump or DeVos, but their words and proposals have brought to a boil something that is been simmering for a while—the denigration of our public schools, and a rising neglect of their function as an incubator of citizens.\n\nIf it weren’t for those damned unions, or so the logic goes, we could drain the dregs and rent real teachers. Liberals should additionally work to raised understand the attraction of faculty selection, especially for families in poor areas where teacher high quality and attrition are critical issues.

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