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Here are some Barack Obama quotes on education that we hope will enlighten you as to the President’s opinions on the subject they are motivational and inspirational, and they teach us that if we want adjust, we should be part of that modify as nicely. It is hard to take seriously a call for teachers to do their function when the minister herself sets such a poor example. Our children are far more ignorant of several issues and this has left parents questioning what is the use of education right now- youth sees absolutely nothing but, but it is now common knowledge that small finding out is taking place and that the AFrican children are worse-off than in contrast to the Bantu Educated Africans. Education is about liberation and not indoctrination but you can only enhance on freedom because freedom is an impossibility.

Students will learn, whatever the teacher does, but it may not be what the teacher thinks they find out. Unless the wish to do service is earnest and the ability to do it is cultivated , students will stay a burden to the community. In a far better globe children will be thrown upon themselves as quickly as possible the complete work of the parents ought to be to make the youngster use his intelligence. I believe the trigger, though, is not OBE, which actually should be a much much better kind of education. The so-named education that goes on in the globe prepares you only to earn bread.

I do think education ought to not be obtain under indoctrination since it is limiting creativity and as the result, make people lazy. And the whole effort, if education is correct — if it is education and not MISeducation — will be to throw the kid again and again to his own intelligence, so that he can function, so that he can use his intelligence.

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Lastly there is the problem of the provision of the physical structures for supplying education – there are nevertheless also a lot of youngsters possessing to go to college below trees rather of in classrooms. Education these days is a method of filling the mind with the contents of books, emptying the contents in the examination hall and returning empty-headed. The separation of the education department into two has produced the situation worse, simply because accountability is now additional diluted.

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