Education System in China

Shanghai, the China education was the First rank in the World for Education

A global education study called Program for International Assessment test more than 500,000 students in more than 70 countries every three years. The results of the study in 2010 showed that students in Shanghai are in the best position in the world of reading math and science. Program for International Assessment studies the age of 15 years on their abilities in three areas. This study was not done in a whole China but only covers an area of Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau.

South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan are the other Asian nations that also rank well in education. Many country western scores in reading decreased. In Europe, Finland is still at number one despite being ranked third overall. Best American average ranked 17th in reading, 23rd in science and 31st in math.

Why Asian countries follow Europe and America in the test? First, because they put education as the main focus, parents and teachers know that a good education is the key to being successful. They are not tolerant when students fail. Asia believe that if you study hard and do well in school, you will succeed in your work.

Starting at a very early age in China, the parents will tell their children that they can only be successful if they are better than others. They were tested as soon as they come to school. Only the best can go to college and then get a good job. Exams are held very frequently and ranked list of students posted on the school wall. Students in Shanghai learn much more difficult compared to students in a country-western countries, teachers in Shanghai highly respected, well paid and highly motivated with his duties.

What about the advantages of study in China, especially in Hong Kong?

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English is one of the main languages spoken in Hong Kong. English is also the language of instruction used at the eight universities in Hong Kong. Therefore, international students can easily follow the lesson and adjust in Hong Kong.

In addition, international students can also easily travel is anywhere because there is always a clear path instructions in English. Of course, they can also choose to learn Cantonese to expand their association with the local community.

History and Culture

Colonial history and international ports in Hong Kong provides a unique cultural characteristics because it is a blend of western and eastern cultures. Therefore, in contrast to the city with a strong tradition such as Japan, Hong Kong people are very open and can accept foreign cultures so that international students do not have to worry it will be difficult to blend with the local environment.

For the necessities of life, international brands can be found easily in Hong Kong, even with cheaper prices. So is the food. Diverse culture in Hong Kong to make Hong Kong as a food haven that provides a variety of foods from various countries in the world. You will feel as comfortable as being at home alone while living in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, you will not feel bored with the scenery so-so alone. Hong Kong has a diverse geographical structure. You can see a view of the city with high rise buildings, modern and unique and amazing skyscrapers; as well as the beautiful night scenery with colorful lights game. In addition you can also find natural scenery such as mountains, oceans, artificial gardens filled with lush plants, all in the same city.