Educational Philosophy

Your philosophy of education strongly influences what sort of teacher you want to turn out to be: the content material you choose, the teaching approaches you will use, and the criteria you use to analyze, reflect on, and boost your teaching. Philosophy of education is an applied philosophy which provides ideological and conceptual guidance to all the elements of education. Philosophy of education refers to the practical use of the common principles of philosophy field of education. In this way, the process of curriculum development can be a implies of realization of the objectives of education. For example, a teacher may possibly be stated to stick to a perennialist educational philosophy or to comply with a perennialist philosophy of education. This philosophy tends to make the nation acquainted with the national ideology of life.

Various educationists and philosophers have prescribed different techniques of teaching according to their scheme of education. He is a co-worker with god in perfecting man naturalism regards teacher as the stage manager who has to supply educational environment. This is the function of philosophy of education to establish the sources of expertise in the light of national values and traditions and absorb them into the program of education.

Education would be holistic , which includes information, expertise, physical discipline, and music and art, which he regarded the highest kind of endeavor. It is derivative sense the term Education could be understood as Educare and EducereEducare is a Latin word and it means to nourish to bring up or to raise. These should be written in accordance with the philosophy of time, cultural, social and political background of a society or nation. Unless we have some guiding philosophy in the determination of objectives, we get nowhere at all. Curriculum becoming the contents of education could be deemed as the practical side of philosophy.

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Consequently, some information of philosophy is basic not only to an understanding of education as a entire but also to have a clear grasp of the actual methods of teaching and their successful makes use of. By signifies of effective teaching, the curricular content may possibly be transmitted to the student and thereby guarantee the acquisition of the objectives of education. According to Aristotle , Education is the creation of a sound mind in a sound body…….It develops a humans’ faculty specially the mind so that it may possibly be capable to get pleasure from the contemplation of supreme truth , goodness and beauty of which prefect happiness primarily consists.

Rousseau wrote in his book Emile that all children are completely made organisms, prepared to understand from their surroundings so as to develop into virtuous adults, but due to the malign influence of corrupt society, they typically fail to do so. Rousseau advocated an educational method which consisted of removing the youngster from society—for instance, to a country home—and alternately conditioning him by way of adjustments to his environment and setting traps and puzzles for him to solve or overcome.