The Journal for Multicultural Education is a double-blind peer reviewed journal. Multicultural education incorporates the thought that all students – regardless of their gender sexual orientation social class and ethnic, racial, or cultural qualities – need to have an equal opportunity to discover in school” (Banks and Banks, three). If done correctly, students will develop a optimistic perception of themselves by demonstrating understanding about the culture, history, and contributions of diverse groups.

Chou provides various ideas regarding greatest practices which incorporate teacher preparation plan purposefully integrating multicultural education preparation into pre-service system, blatantly such as addressing racism in classroom settings and districts altering hiring practices to make sure that their teacher physique is diverse and reflects diversity of student inside their schools (Chou 2007).

Additionally, a case study conducted with pre-service teachers who underwent multicultural education coaching and participated in pre & post surveys showed that numerous teachers from the Caucasian majority noted that they had tiny interaction with minority groups in their previous and did not know significantly about multicultural education (Cho & DeCastro-Ambrosetti, 2006).

Furthermore, some pre-service teachers reported that they did not feel comfy with taking the lead authoritatively in executing a multicultural education curriculum due to the fact they felt as although they did not possess the credibility that would position them to farewell amongst their minority students and households (Cho & DeCastro-Ambrosetti, 2006).

Although there are a lot of good components to this method, viewing it as a beginning or entry level strategy to multicultural education might be the most proper appraisal of it. Criticism of this approach cites the unintentional impact of keeping groups such as folks of color, girls, people with disabilities, and working class individuals segregated and out of the mainstream curriculum.

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