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How Big is the California Grown Nut Market Internationally? A plethora of organization and networks all points out to California as being one of the largest source of United states when it comes to fruit and of course nut, which according to the Agricultural Network of the state, accounts about 46% of the whole US supply for the aforementioned products. With the amazing production rate and quality of California grown nuts, it comes with no surprise that it isn’t just famous in United States but also in various countries worldwide. Now, you may be asking yourself whether California truly deserves to be one of the biggest Nut state in the world and to answer your curiosity, below are some ideas that will surely give you a glimpse of the nut world in the state. If you are wondering what California grown nuts refer to as their prized possession and masterpiece, their answer would undeniably be almonds. Despite being only third when it comes to the overall products of the agricultural sector of the state, California Almonds are still mass produced greatly to the point where almost 100% of the United States Almonds come from them If you think that its fame is only limited to US, think again as it has also spread its wings already to foreign countries and still almost dominating their market with 80% contribution to almonds category.
6 Facts About Plants Everyone Thinks Are True
If nuts are the prime focus of the discussion, California Walnuts would definitely find the time to take the limelight and aside from the already expected great amount of it from the state, it also has a rich historical story which contributed greatly to what it is today. California first witnessed the rise of California Walnut cultivation on the 17th century but, it only entered the commercial market back on 1867 where it started to spread across different parts of the state. Just like the wholesale almonds, California walnuts can easily be used as wholesale walnuts as well as their amount also dominates the American market walnut category up to 99%.
6 Facts About Plants Everyone Thinks Are True
With an equally rich historical background that spans up to three decades, Pistachios has become part of the major nut product from the state of California as well. The cultivation of Pistachio in the state started with the Pioneer Gold Tree and from it, came the massive orchard for this nut today, welcoming an age where it can soon provide massive wholesale amount as well just like the almonds and walnuts. If you are ever wondering if Pistachios from the state live up to the aforementioned nuts, look into the market and you’ll see one of their most famous brand as well – the Wonderful Pistachios.

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