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4 Excellent Methods for Food Storage

Our current society nowadays thrives on consumerism more than ever before, and little thought is given to saving. It is common to find homes buying more food than they really require. Our environment of course directly bears the brunt of this wasteful way of consumption. This is despite the fact that people in some parts of the world still face death from starvation.

Other than a cost cutting measure, food preservation should also be viewed as the right thing to do. Different kind of foods can be kept fresh for a long time in quite a number of ways. Below are some of the healthiest and cost effective ways to do so.

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If you’re looking for the simplest way to store your food then refrigeration is the way to go. There is no much work involved since all you need is to place the food you wish to preserve in a good refrigerator or freezer. If you plan to keep the food frozen for a long time, you need to wrap it well or place inside sealed containers. To avoid your food going stale, make sure that you have a consistent power supply source.
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Airtight containers

Also simply referred to as canning, this involves keeping your food in airtight containers that in essence seal off oxygen supply as well as other elements that aid in decomposition. Canning is suitable for a selected number of foodstuff though. Be sure to check whether the kind of food you want to preserve can actually be canned. The containers should subsequently be placed in places where they are not exposed to extreme conditions.

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Vegetables such as pickles and fruits have been stored this way for eons. The foodstuff to be preserved is placed inside a jar containing vinegar or concentrated salt solution. The preserved food can be used anytime needed since there is no need to thaw as it is with freezing. Unfortunately, if you need to preserve a lot of food then this method may not be economical for you as you would require a lot of jars to start with.


From the fact that this method requires the least of skills and resources, it has been widely used since prehistoric times. It basically involves draining the food to be stored most of its water content. The dehydration can be accomplished through various ways. For starters, there is the option to use the natural heat from the sun or if you prefer quicker methods, you can use ovens and grills. It is however important to note that most of the food natural flavor is lost when this method is employed. You should therefore be keen before you decide on which particular kind of food you want to preserve this way.