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Editor’s note: For CS Education Week, we are celebrating the educators that lead the way by creating CS education accessible and inclusive. And in spite of their educational gains, black urban labor remains highly concentrated in the less-than-high-college education category where city employment has most rapidly declined because 1970” (Kasarda, 2000). If you are unable to organize events during March 7-11, 2016 we invite you to organize events before or right after the official OEW 2016 dates, as best fits your schedule.

NEA President Lily Eskelsen García kicks off the week with a particular video message and weblog featuring NEA Education Help Specialists and the crucial work they do to ensure every child has a great education. Meanwhile, ACM and the Laptop Science Teachers Association had been operating to raise the profile of K-12 laptop science education nationally. Use this chance to discover how to speak to your education leaders about the significance of arts education.

Members of the Education Bloggers Network are committed to offering parents, teachers, public education advocates and the public with the truth about public education in the United States and the efforts of the corporate education reform market. We request abstract submissions by November 15, 2015 in order to gauge the quantity of interest and give all authors an opportunity to prepare. For the duration of #ArtsEdWeek, be confident to comply with @Americans4Arts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and upload your favored arts education moments.

Teaching was always my first line of career choice, desiring 1st to be a Montessori teacher , and later becoming a dance instructor. We are a teacher loved ones and counting down days to the end of the year as summer time approaches-it was a pleasure to study your hub! Celebrating National Arts in Education Week is a way to recognize this effect and share the message with buddies, family, and communities. Sholand-I can only imagine that as a H.S. teacher all of the ‘warm fuzzy’ thank you’s drop off.

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Coupled with the fact that these inner city schools face over-crowding troubles and occasionally much less-than-sufficient facilities these trends will only increase with time unless we can fix the education method in these urban centers and change the curriculum so that these that do graduate higher college are far better prepared for the job market.