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Seven Good Reasons You Want to Visit Myanmar

If you ever wish to visit Asia,consider Myanmar as one of the countries to tour. Even though visitors have been visiting this country for some time now,being there somewhat feels like a discovery of a beautiful country that only a few people in the world have experienced.

If you haven’t made up your mind to tour Myanmar,you really haven’t figured out what you would be missing-the beautiful beaches,the towering mountains and the interesting culture of the country’s citizens.

This is why you really must consider visiting beautiful and captivating Myanmar.

If there is one word you could use to describe Myanmar’s geography,it is this:mountainous. Some of the mountain ranges you are going to see on your Myanmar tour are Rakhine Yoma, Bago Yoma, Shan hills,and Tenasserim Hills,all of which seem to start somewhere in the North near the Himalayas,stretching all the way across the country towards the South. When we go to the specifics,you will not miss the highest point in Myanmar- Hkakabo Razi;other mountains you will see are Tani Razi, Madoi Razi, Gamlang Razi, Phangran Razi, Dindaw Razi,and Phonyin Razi.

There are beautiful beaches where you can sit down and just relax or take a walk along the Andaman Sea and experience the soothing power of its waters. You will love a really delightful spot called Ngapali in the South West if you won’t manage to reach Tanintharyi area,which is the epitome of unspoilt beachy bliss.The place no doubt looks terrific because there is no real estate development there but this is likely to change soon as developers discover the beauty of the beaches-hurry up before developers disfigure this place forever.

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And of course you want to see Yangon,the former capital of Myanmar,with its breath taking pagodas,beautiful colonial-era buildings,and numerous religious sites. You will see temples that were build centuries ago in a style that is the most fascinating you have ever seen-there is the Ananda Temple,Dhammayangyi Temple,and the Thatbyinnyu Temple among many others.

There are so many spiritual sites in Myanmar that you couldn’t see all of them in one holiday,you would have to visit again in future to see all of them. If you are looking for a spiritual experience,there is no better place than this place to find it- you will be awakened in a way you have never thought possible in the temples,in the caves,or in the mountains.

If you are into hiking, you will really love walking through the mountain villages where polite people will smile warmly and invitingly to you.

There are other exciting things you could do in Myanmar such as boating in a traditional craft or even experiencing a native elephant ride!

As long as you remain modest and respectful,the people in this country will respond with warmth and acceptance.

Some things are better seen than narrated. If you want to explore all these places and more,organize with a credible Myanmar tours company for the right Yangon tour package.

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