Quotes On Teaching, Learning & Technologies In Education

For some of the quotes on this page, I have created a one particular page printable poster that you can download for cost-free. Actual education is, getting humane, type, compassionate, affectionate, treating all alike regardless of whether poor or wealthy, dark or fair, associated or unrelated, believer or atheist…… Genuine education is to feel deeply about life- this entire aspect of getting or consciousness, and usher in wisdom to know every little thing really clearly, in no way ever hurting anybody either physically or mentally, live one’s life with oneness with this complete existence and above all have a passion for studying more and far more.

Otherwise, when you don’t know your self, you are going to use your education to exploit men and women, to create poverty. I agree that a lot of what passes for education these days has much more to do with social manage than actual development and understanding. Very good Hub Tony, I try to pass such data on to my students that I tutor anytime possible. I consider education is going to turn out to be the ANC’s Achilles heel – the worst aspect of the lack of service delivery. The thing that is getting completed in the ordinary schools and colleges and universities is not education.

My schooling history was not reliable: I can recall (mid 40’s & 50’s) a handfull of teachers who were committed to their students, no matter there origin or behavior (recognizing youngsters are what they live). But somehow, college today, mainly for the young, keep failed to challenging their students to educate themselves rather than only accepting what their teacher give them.

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Firstly there is the issue of really under-certified teachers doing their very best to cope with a curriculum for which they have had inadequate preparation and for which the sources are also inadequate. Sadly, over 90% of students stop all further Education – following they pass a college/College/University Exam, get a Degree – and settle in a Job. Real education will be to bring out what is hidden in you — what God has place in you as a treasure — to find out it, to reveal it, to make you luminous. Mark Twain said he never let schooling get in the way of his education and I agree.

But for a creative goal, to materialize a dream of an authentic human society which will be capable to give equal opportunity to all, freedom to all, education which is nonviolent, education which is not only informative but also transformative, an education that will make you more of an person and bring the very best in you to its flowering.