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Advice Before Going To Cosmetology School

If you’ve decided that styling hair, giving facial massages and doing nails is something that you would like to do, then cosmetology school is an option. This is a school that offers classes in various areas that deal with cosmetology. You will do book work first before practicing on some of the other students in the school. There are some schools that will let you style hair and perform other services on customers from the public before you graduate from the program.

Cosmetology School

Exam Time

Before you are able to work as a cosmetologist, you have to take a state exam. You need to study and practice up until the day of the test so that you know about the subject areas that might be presented.

Your Own Tools

If you are able to take your own tools to the school so that you can practice, then this would be the best thing to do as you can get comfortable in using your brushes, hair dryer, curling irons and other items that you will use on a daily basis. You can figure out the best methods of using the equipment instead of relying on tools from someone else who might work in the same business. Other items that you will want to have with you include the materials that are needed for doing nails, especially when you’re doing pedicures. Make sure everything is sanitized to prevent the spread of bacteria from one person to another.

Career Options

Look at the career options that you have before going to cosmetology school. While working for a company is an idea, you can have your own business as long as you have the space in your home. You could also rent a building if you don’t want to bring your business to your house. Another option is to work in a nursing home or assisted living facility. This is a location where you would have to be particular as to the kind of hair styles that you offer as many of the people who are in these facilities have tender scalps and need a little extra attention. You could work in a funeral home as a hair stylist or makeup technician as well.


Even though you get to work in a hands-on environment, it doesn’t start out that way. You need to take a few classes in biology, anatomy and other courses related to the career in high school and while you’re in the cosmetology class. It’s a lot of work in a short time, but if you’re dedicated, then it can be done.…