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Multicultural Education

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Schools have introduced many programs and activities to recognize achievements of a wide variety of numerous ethnic groups in the beliefs that a multicultural education aids to prepare students for life in an ethnically diverse society and can bring about cognitive and affective advantages to students. Journal of Thought, quarterly journal sponsored by the Society of Philosophy and History of Education. In 1968, the implementation of the Bilingual Education Act was prompted by restricted English-speaking minorities, particularly Spanish-speaking citizens who denounced the concept of assimilation into the Western way of considering in fear of losing their private connectedness to one’s heritage and cultural ideals.

The good results of the Civil Rights Movement sparked an interest in the women’s rights movement, along with the Education for All Handicapped Youngsters Act of 1975. It calls for analysis and learning about the several perspectives involved in any historical or modern knowledge in order to recognize the wealthy meaning therein. The journal is international in coverage and publishes original, theoretical and applied articles by major scholars, professional consultants and respected practitioners.

Labaree use of Democratic Equality supports a multicultural education due to the fact in the democratic political arena, we are all considered equal (according to the rule of a single individual, one vote), but this political equality can be undermined if the social inequality of citizens grows also great” (Labaree (1997), p. 42). Problems in Teacher Education features articles, commentary, and reviews in the teacher education field.

Diversity and unity need to coexist in a delicate balance in democratic multicultural nation-states.” 9 Organizing curriculum for schools in a multicultural democracy entails producing some worth selections. If they can realize that the resistance of several European Americans to slavery, long hours and low pay, discrimination, and the destruction of the atmosphere has sophisticated the society for every person, probably students can challenge the limitations of ethnocentricity and create a far more equitable society. Multicultural education became a regular in university research for new teachers, as Fullinwider states.

Currently, practicing educators use the term multicultural education to describe a wide variety of applications and practices associated to educational equity , females, ethnic groups , language minorities , low-income groups, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) folks, and individuals with disabilities”. They cite Gollnick (1980) to clarify that the multicultural education strategy promotes a range of ambitions: the worth of cultural diversity, human rights, respect for variations, alternative life selections, social justice, equal chance, and equitable distribution of power. Multicultural Education also is a response to the changing demographics of the United States.