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Pearson Rebrand To Reflect 100% Focus On Education

Educating 100 million folks worldwide, Pearson is the international leader in providing educational options by means of globe renowned imprints and products. Pearson also reportedly has a 5-year contract worth almost $500m (£318m) to offer tests for schools in Texas, and sets tests across other states including Florida, Kentucky, Arizona, Virginia and Maryland. For the initial time this year, this was published jointly with Pearson, with quotations from the firm in the accompanying press release, suggesting a high degree of influence for Pearson in this debate. Conspiracy theorists sometimes recommend that Pearson has a sinister hold on federal and state education policy.

The state of Virginia recertified Pearson as an approved school turnaround” consultant in 2013 even though the firm had, at best, mixed results with that line of work: Just one of the 5 Virginia schools that Pearson cited as references enhanced both its math and reading proficiency rates against the state averages. The data program was such a disaster, the division had to pay Pearson millions additional to repair it.

For example, Barber applauds Barack Obama’s Race to the Best program for providing a once-in-a-generation chance to transform public education in America,” which includes by way of the Common Core. And in the larger ed realm, the contracts give Pearson extensive access to individual student data, with handful of constraints on how it is employed. Contractual language also guarantees Pearson collects its complete reduce if a student drops out mid-semester or fails to pay the tuition bill.

Across the country, Pearson sold the Los Angeles Unified School District an on the web curriculum that it described as revolutionary — but that had not yet been completed, much much less tested across a large district, before the LAUSD agreed to commit an estimated $135 million on it. Teachers dislike the Pearson lessons and seldom use them, an independent evaluation discovered.

Earlier this month, Pearson also announced plans to invest £10m on running private schools in the building planet. These measures could consist of test scores, graduation prices, or, when acceptable, analysis on how students served by Pearson fare once they reach the workforce, he said. In Deliverology 101: A Field Guide for Educational Leaders,” he lays out his philosophy and, unintentionally, reveals why parents, teachers and politicians have to do everything they can to break Pearson’s stranglehold on education policy about the globe.