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Finding the Right Life Coach

Life coaching is not just a profession but an art in itself. It has become popular fairly recently as an effective method for people to get help, offering them with their personal “guide” who tandems with them to working on all facets of their lives. It has altered the paradigm of how people seek help using a more client-centered approach.

To a good a life coach, no coaching session can be taken lightly. They consider it a holy spot for another human being, presenting them the opportunity to be actually heard (perhaps for the very first time in so long), and within that holy spot, miracles are bound to unfold.

The individual’s own problem-solving skills begin to surface, and they come to realize that they are capable of solving their problems sans other people’s advice. This realization by itself is life-changing. The individual starts to view things from a whole new perspective and reaches into that part of themselves that already has all the answers. They take control.

Listening totally – that is, with undivided attention fixed on the other individual, is a requirement of life coaching. Rarely is anyone ever listened to in this fast paced world we live in today. A life coach has a natural ability to listen. It is helpful for clients, especially when allowed to bare their souls fully, to have another person actually listen to them. Assisting others in achieving a good life requires more listening than instructing.

When an individual is listened to with total focus on what they want to say, they make their own solutions and decisions, and realize that they have options they did not think they had in the past.

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Before you select a life coach there are distinct qualities you have to look for. A life coach with several certifications may not be naturally attentive or have inborn people skills, while one with zero formal certification can have noteworthy listening skills and helpful insights to offer.

As you choose a life coach, spend time to ask yourself these questions:

Does the life coach listen well and give you their undivided attention?

Are you comfortable enough that you can be very honest to them?

Do you feel they even understand you?

Are they passionate and authentic when dealing with you?

Does it feel as though they really want the best for you instead of having some ulterior agenda?

A life coach should only listen and guide, not dictate how your life should be lived. They do should not provide therapy or consultancy. Remember, you are the captain of the ship. If you encounter a life coach who has “plans” for your life, run.

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