The Essentials of Drinking – 101

Health Advantages of Drinking Water

Doctors say you should not wait until you feel thirsty to take in water. It is essential to take in a minimum of eight glasses of fresh water daily. Here are some of the many advantages of drinking water for your health.

Helps with Weight Loss
Few people are aware of the impact water has when it comes to losing weight. There are two ways by which sufficient drinking of water can help you to lose weight. When you drink water, as you are required to, you do not need to eat constantly. With alkaline water you can also ensure that you have a pH, which is neutral. This way there is less storage of fats, which happens mostly in acidic environments.

Improves Athletic Performance
Drinking water can enable you to feel stronger as you work out or play. When you take enough water you will realize you can focus more and your vitality also increases. That is because enough consumption of water lowers your chances of getting dehydrated. The hydration status will affect your energy levels. When you are hydrated you tend to have more focus on what you are doing.

Helps to Treat Headaches
Dehydration may be the cause of migraines and headaches among many people. For the body to work well, it requires water. Sometimes you may have a headache and feel fatigued due to lack of water. Research shows that drinking water can help to relieve headaches and migraines especially if a headache is as a result of dehydration. Studies also indicate that intensity of the pain reduces significantly when you drink water.

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Help to Relieve Constipation
One may end up experiencing constipation due to infrequent bowel movements. You will find that in most cases the cause of constipation is lack of enough water. When you drink water, you end up increasing the fluid capacity in your body. This helps in the digestion process that enhances how the digestive tract functions. If you are dehydrated, your colon pulls water from the stool which leads to constipation. If you are constipating, your doctor will always advise you to drink water as part of the treatment plan.

Helps the Body to Get Rid of Toxins
water is one of the best natural detoxifiers. It can help in getting rid of toxins that may be harmful to the body. The toxins get out of the body mostly via urine and sweat. The detoxification properties help to reduce occurrence of kidney stones which are usually as a result of poor breakdown of salts and minerals in the kidney. It is important to note that in order to avoid changing how your kidneys filter waste, you need to make sure that you do not drink excess water.

Keeps the Skin Healthy
Finally, if you want to keep your skin healthy, you need to consider drinking a lot of water. Your cells become more turgid because of water, and this helps to reduce wrinkles. You can use ASEA products which have anti-aging properties that come from their hydration power.

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