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Advantages Offered by an Automatic Cat Feeder

An automatic cat feeder works by giving your cat food at specific times over a day. Regardless of your reasons for getting this device – you’re going on a vacation, your cat is getting overweight, you want to monitor your cat’s nutrition, etc. – you can expect many significant benefits.

Portion Control

The freedom to plan the daily food consumption of your pet is one of the best advantages you get from using an automatic cat feeder. If you were to feed your little buddy using the manual method, you’ll only end up filling up his bowl. You won’t know the amount of food you actually place in the bowl, and whenever you see that it’s already empty, you’ll only add more and more food several times over. This way, you can easily end up with an poorly nourished pet.

With an automatic cat feeder, this problem is eliminated. The feeder will let you pick preset times of the day to dispense food. You can also preset even the food amounts. For instance, you can make the device release half a cup of dry food four times a day in equal intervals. If your cat is underweight, you can set the feeder to dispense two cups everyday at three-hour intervals.

Feeding While You’re Away

If you’re usually away from home, an automatic cat feeder can come in handy. You can rest assured that your pet will be fed adequately even in your absence. A feeder can actually help you save money as well since you won’t have to pay a cat nanny. This device costs around $50 to $75, and while it sounds like a big amount, it pales compared to the cost of hiring a pet sitter. Let’s say you’ll be away for a period of five days. That means you’ll be paying the nanny $75. You can spend the money to buy an automatic feeder, and you will still be able to use it on your future vacations without paying for it again and again.

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In the end, convenience is usually where it all boils down to. Not only are you assured that your cat will be fed properly everyday, but the feeder itself is also dishwasher-safe. If you’re always busy and you need help in caring for your cat, you can always count on an automatic feeder. You just have to refill the unit when necessary and clean it. Most certainly, not all automatic cat feeders are the same. That’s why you need to do a bit of research to know which type and brand are right for you.

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