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Holiday at Home and Keeping Fun

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As life progresses, which leads people into thinking to make things practical, in today’s society comes the idea that a fun holiday always means going somewhere, and usually out of town. And when they do not do that, aka spending holidays at home, they will say that their vacation is normal because it is only spent at home. People now consider that a little effort and creativity to prepare a fun holiday at home is too much trouble. They prefer a more practical road, visiting tourist attractions. Though a vacation at home can also be a fun holiday and memorable for all family members.

Things to consider in preparing a vacation at home are choosing activities that can involve every member of the family. Consider the age of your children and their hobbies. Do not let any family members who do not enjoy the togetherness. The activities you plan do not need complicated and exciting activities, enough activities that are simple but can be enjoyed by all family members. Focus on how to unite all family members with the activity. Below are some ideas of activities you might be able to do with your family to fill your vacation at home.

  • If your family is a family that likes art, maybe you might consider doing a joint art project. It does not need anything big. Could have just painted together. But instead of painting on canvas or paper, why not make a little different. You can stretch out a large white cloth in your backyard, or in a garage, or wherever you think it is possible, then, prepare a clear plastic of half a kilo, then fill it with water you mixed with colorful paint, bubbles. Do not forget to install the floor or your garden with a plastic, so it will not get dirty due to paint. You and your children can wear a thin plastic coat to protect their clothes and body. After all the preparations are done, it’s time to have fun. How to paint is to throw plastic “balls” of paint, toward a white cloth. Do not focus on the results. Maybe the paintings will be very abstract later, but who cares, the main thing is you and your kids have fun.
  • Do a service project. If you have an orphanage or nursing home in your neighborhood, you might consider doing a service project. For an orphanage project, you can ask your children to donate their items, such as clothing, books, toys. You may also consider making a cookie or cup cake with the family, to share in the project. If it turns out to be an orphanage or nursing home away from your residence you may be able to replace it by visiting your elderly neighbor. Make sure that the neighbors you plan to visit do not mind receiving your visits and family.
  • Making a joint study can also be an alternative to fill the holiday. You can search for ideas that will be made on the internet. It does not need anything exciting. It could be something simple. And by utilizing the existing used goods.
  • Vacation at home can also be filled by rearranging the interior of the house. Including changing the paint color of the walls. If your kids are teenagers, you can give them the freedom to decorate their own room. However, do not forget to remind them not to include the things that mean roughness and bad things
  • If your family is one of those who loves gardening, it can be an exciting holiday project. You might consider learning new things about gardening, like trying to garden with a hydroponic system for example.

There are still many other things and ideas you can try to do to make your vacation in your home enjoyable. The thing to remember is how to make all family members enjoy whatever activities you plan for. Do not think about the end result. Togetherness and fun for your family is the main purpose of these activities. good luck…

Tips on Enjoying Vacation on the Beach

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Enjoying a vacation with the family is the most fun and waiting-awaited. Where will you spend your vacation this time? How about Beach? You can enjoy sun bath, fishing,  sand castle with children or take off adrenaline by banana boat ride? It must be fun and exciting. In order for us to continue to enjoy the holiday on the beach, let us prepare what should be done there. Especially the heat of the beach air do not make us look like burnt after returning home

Lightweight Material Apparel

Because the weather on the beach is hot, then the right clothes to wear during a vacation there is a shirt made of lightweight material and absorbs sweat. Besides bringing vacation clothes with heavy materials will also only make your travel bag / suitcase more and more full and heavy, right?

Swim Safely

You  want to swim? This is one of the cool events to spend holidays on the beach. But, do not let the cool events you are disturbed because one chose the location of swimming. Take a look around your swim. Is there a coral, a sea animal like a sea urchin or a poisonous jellyfish? For your safety, wear trousers while swimming in the sea and of course not too cool to the middle, yes.

Do not Forget Always Bring Sunblock

In addition to protecting the body with glasses, hats and umbrellas, do not forget to always bring sunblock. Apply a sunblock with a frequency of 4 hours so that your skin is always protected. Keep sunblock always in your bag so as not to bother looking for when needed. Sunblock is very useful to protect the skin, so as not to burn from the sun. If your skin is already burning, you can apply a moisturizer that contains aloe vera  on the skin.

Bring a Gadget

Play your favorite music from the gadget to keep you company while sunbathing. Play a soothing song, to make your body and mind more relaxed.…



If this is your first holiday with the kids, you must be quite anxious and worried. Do not be afraid, because a vacation with the kids can be something fun and present a precious moment when they are growing up. When vacationing with children, the most important thing is to always attach importance to their needs and provide a lot of time wife for them. If too tired, children usually become fussy and difficult in the set

Moreover, a vacation with a child that needs extra effort. Holidays while keeping them. And therefore need some things to note for the holidays with small children to stay fluent. Well, here are some simple tips but it will be very useful for a vacation with a child or baby. Here’s a Holiday Tips for Small Children for the Parents.

Holiday Tips with Young Children

  • Write down clearly the list of needs the child needs to carry. For example like diapers, milk, jackets and toys.
  • Bring more young children with diapers and milk. All that can be used for any time if needed. Do not you become anxious for forgetting some things.
  • Arrive at the airport sooner than usual to keep if things happen unexpectedly to your child, such as abdominal pain while boarding.
  • If you carry a baby carriage, make sure you get the correct tags before boarding time.
  • While in the plane, prepare healthy snacks for your child like biscuits and fruit pieces so she will not feel hungry and bored during the trip.
  • Choose flight time at night (for long trips) and daylight (for short trips) so that your child can sleep. Keep in mind, children experience jet lag lighter than adults.
  • Sit in the front seats of the cabin so you can get a bigger room for your feet and less aircraft noise. Remember, children and infants are not allowed to sit in the row of emergency exit doors.
  • When the plane takes off and lands, ask the child to drink water. Explain what is going on outside if the child is too young and can not reach the plane window.

Well, hopefully with all these little Children’s Short Holiday Tips this can be useful to you whenever needed. Enjoy your family holiday, hopefully always be smooth on the way and no problem what – what.…

Tips for Choosing a Hotel for the Holidays with Children

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Unlike a business trip tailored to the needs or travel with friends who can be done spontaneously, of course there are some things that need to be in choosing a hotel while on vacation with children. Anything

Distance of hotel

When choosing a hotel for a vacation with a child, decide what attractions you want to go. And the distance from where to stay Do not get too far or no mass transportation schedule due to return home. For convenience, consider also to bring a stroller if using public transport holding your baby when drowsy.

Public facilities and points of interest around it

Most important is easy to find a place to eat that is open until midnight or 24 hours, bus stop / store, hospital. However, it would be better if the location of the hotel there are many places such as historic buildings, museums, customary villages.


How many members of your family? If bringing 1 child under five, there is a double bed / king bed before stay. You can be guaranteed that your baby does not fall on twin bed mattress. Do not forget to clean the cleanliness and sheets. If necessary, bring your favorite bedding and bolsters to sleep comfortably.

Warm air

In addition to bathing after joining outdoors, do not forget. Not a child, but also if the child wants to drink milk at night. You certainly need warm air to sterilize bottles of milk.

Children’s club

When choosing a hotel during a vacation with a child, it is necessary to know the number of hotels that provide this facility for children. Various activities that are held on the weekend can definitely spoil and make children more comfortable. Some hotels also have friendly staff who will accompany children to play. So like to be relaxed together for a moment.

Swimming pool

Who is a child who refuses to play water? Yup, they must be looking forward to this damp moment right? Swimming with your baby can be fun. Okay, if the conditions are crowded carefully with the likes and keep an eye on the child to enter swimming pool. Also prepare a selection and warm drinks so that children are not cold after swimming.

Breakfast in the morning

Although the holidays do not miss breakfast so as not to limp today. Make sure your baby is well fed. If you do not want to eat, you can also bring a place to stock his favorite bread, pastry, or sausage.…

Traveling Tips Fun with Baby

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Vacationing while carrying a baby will give you an experience that is much different from your usual vacation before, before having children of course. This could be the most exciting vacation for you, because you will be traveling with your partner and the baby too. However, this vacation will also require different preparations than usual, because it is very important for you to plan very carefully.

Not just a regular holiday, especially for you who will take your baby on vacation for the first time. Maybe you will be a little worried or feel less comfortable, but if prepared carefully and planned then you do not have to worry about various things in your vacation with your child. Some of the tips below will help you prepare a fun holiday with your baby:

Plan with Mature

Vacationing with a baby will be very different from when you are just on vacation together with a partner only. You will need extra preparation and start with a plan that is really mature, because it will be very inconvenient if you travel unplanned. All must be prepared from the start, from plane tickets, hotel rooms, and even other transportation you will need during your vacation. This will make you have a great time to organize your travel itinerary so you can customize your activities with your child’s activities on the go. Do not make a number of schedules that are too crowded, because your child may become tired and a little fussy during the holiday period.

Prepare More Time

If you used to have a habit of doing things on time or even tending to be late, then you should start to forget about them. When carrying your little traveling, you should prepare more time to anticipate various things that may happen, especially for a variety of needs that can not be delayed, such as flight schedules.

Follow Baby Schedule

when composing your travel agenda, it is very important to adjust it to your child’s fixed schedule. That is, some things such as eating schedules, naps and others should be kept running so that your baby does not get fussy during the holidays. You certainly already know clearly the fixed schedule of the baby throughout the day, is not it?

Babies will be very difficult to adjust to changes in activity, and this will make them uncomfortable and fussy because of the sudden change. When the baby is late feeding and feeling hungry, usually the baby will fuss or even cry. Therefore, it is very important to always maintain and follow their fixed schedule throughout the day.
If you intend to make changes to the schedule, then make sure it is only a small change and does not interfere with sleeping and eating hours.

Prepare Food Supply

This is a very important thing and can not be ignored, because your baby can be fussy or even sick if the meal is not regular as usual. Always prepare and bring lunch with your full feeding, of course as you usually give daily to your baby. Changes in food received by the baby, can also make babies become fussy and uncomfortable, so always try to prepare the food as usual. Do not give him food indiscriminately, because it is very risky and could make him sick because of eating wrong.…

Holiday Tips with Children Hyperactive

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It is challenging to pay close attention to your hyperactive child’s attention at all times, while trying to fulfill his dream of seeing the world come true. Here’s a guide on how to pull things together as a responsible and fun parent. It is not easy to be a new parent, or a parent with 2 small children or more. Sometimes, you will get the gaze of the people around because your child is fussy, or treats the surrounding as a playground. Sometimes, others will show anxiety, being a parent requires diligent responsibilities than others see. Other people do not understand that how hard you have tried, your child can not follow what you say.

If you want to know how to travel with your hyperactive child and are always in control, see how you can minimize stress but maximize shared enjoyment. Holiday tips with your hyperactive child are very challenging:

Plan a leave with your child

Encourage your child to help plan your trip. As you consider vacationing with children, you may want to consider following what options can be done, culinary to try, and most importantly, the places you want to visit together. If they are not exposed to the cultural environment (places, food, community) of vacation destinations, take this opportunity to share their knowledge with them. You can do it the way they like, for example, if your child likes to see pictures, sketches when you tell them what they need to know. You can also give them choices. Let there be an option for your child in planning this trip. This will be an effective way to avoid “Fuss Mode” when children feel that this trip is what they want.

Prepare a strategy against “Fuss Mode”

Maybe this will make your travel plans dull, but it will be worthwhile to enjoy your trip! You can plan a game to travel, like when riding in a car, waiting for a flight or while you’re on a boat. Do not forget to bring “easy-to-carry” or repetitive toys to divert from their boredom. Or earphones and electronic devices if this is their entertainment choice. And prepare and bring snacks that they can chew so that their focus will be distracted to the sensory of the food they eat.

In addition, if you and your partner are traveling in flight, you can choose one of the seats in front of your child. This ensures that there are passengers who can tolerate (actually, it should!) There is an interruption from your child’s kick into the front seat

Create a set of rules of conduct before leaving home

Close to when your journey begins, set up the rules your child follows. You can tell them your reasons for setting rules, like, “it would be more fun for us and we could go to the aquarium earlier!” etc. Do not forget to discuss the consequences of any bad behavior on your child as well.

Keep it up with your child’s behavior

We recommend that you travel with someone close to you, your sister, your husband or wife, your best childhood friend, or anyone who can understand your situation as well as possible. In addition to not traveling and having to handle your child alone, it is also important and helpful if someone close to your child joins and makes your child feel more comfortable in the new environment.

In addition, on flights for example, if possible, signal to the flight attendant on your situation (as a poor slave to your King or Little Queen!) So they are aware of the potential need for additional help. By telling other people (guards, servants, etc.) of your child’s behavior, this is not about attracting yourself. This actually helps you take care of your child. If the situation where your child suddenly disappears and you start to panic, maybe someone is looking at your child and knowing your situation, and meeting the little adventurer elsewhere.

Prioritize safety and adjust day activities according to your child’s behavior patterns

Of course, security first! Go to a safe place for your child according to his condition. For example, if your child has anxiety in a crowded place, take your child around a less popular and less crowded but tourist-friendly place. Even so, do adjust daily activities during the trip in accordance with your child’s behavior patterns. There will be a good period in which your child enjoys exploring the outside world, and there are bad days too when your child decides to feel annoyed or angry at everything!

In addition, you can find out about the available accommodations that are child-friendly. For flights, you can check the provisions before boarding the aircraft, seats near the alley, at the very back or the front. Choose your travel time wisely, you know

Tips for Choosing a traveling Apparel for Woman Hijab

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If the coming weekend almost everyone goes for a walk. It is, done to eliminate fatigue after long work or activity. Someone who has a job is not only a man, but also a woman, including a woman who has a veil although they wear closed clothes, they can still do active work including when it is time to take their vacations energetically ready to go for a walk. Toward the end of the year, there will be a lot of red dates or dates on holiday-for-holiday-ticket purchases. Whether you are an employee, still in college, and all about activities, would agree, if your hard work for a year is worth celebrating with a day or two or even a holiday vacation?

As a noble man who always wanted a perfect photo in social media, style would be important. But what is said, the holidays are even more important if you feel comfortable. For what style, if you do not pay attention? This time hipwee Style will express for you, tips to stay stylish and comfortable pas holiday, especially for you who wearing hijab  Hijab that wrapped him always wear it faithfully. But go wherever wearing a closed shirt both when working and other activities should be tailored to matching clothes and also harmonious. The tips for your activities so comfortable, which is as follows:

Choose a model that looks more relaxed

Because the streets are not a formal event but a show to relax so choose a suitable shirt model. One of them you can choose clothes by using long cotton pants combined with t-shirts. For t-shirt selection itself you can choose t-shirt with short or long hand. If you choose a short hand can be equipped with a cardigan and if you long hand can choose outer as a complement to the appearance to stay beautiful.

Choose colors that calm

Because of its relaxed nature to try to choose a friendly shirt color so as not to dazzle the eyes.

Note the size

In choosing the size of the clothes try not to be too fit for you to move freely.

Do not forget this one item. Sunglasses that will save you from the hot sun. Did you know, the skin in the eye area is a part of the wrinkles. Especially if often exposed to sunlight. For that, wearing sunglasses can be a solution for you who want to delay the emergence of wrinkles…

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